Trying an Adword tool? Take these precautions.

January 7, 2017 (898)

in Adwords

If you are signing up for a new Adword Tool that is not from Google, you should take certain precautions.

Adwords Account Access

Typically, such tools are web applications that will ask your permission to access your adwords account even during a Trial. Before you grant permission, you should know how to revoke that permission later if you decide to Cancel.

How to revoke permission to a Web App so that it can not access your Adwords account any more

  • Surprisingly, the control to revoke access is not in Adwords control panel but in your Google Account settings.
  • Go to your Google account settings. If you forgot how to do that, click on your email address at the top right and “My Account” under it.
  • The Security is so important that Google rightly placed it in the first posiiton.
  • Look for the link “Connected apps and sites.”
  • At the top, you will see a list of “Connected Apps.” This also shows a list of web sites that you granted access to. It’s here that you will find your Tools web site.
  • Just click on Manage Apps and remove that web site.
  • Now you are safe.

How to sign up risk-free even when a card is asked for

Don’t be fooled by “Cancel Anytime” and refund promises made by a Tool web site. It might be a scam. Even though, it may list a phone number, it may be false or not picked up. If you send email for cancellation, they may not reply or pretend that they never received it.

The genuine sites usually have a “No credit card necessary” trial. But if they ask for a card and you want to take a chance, create a Virtual Card with a low limit and an expiry date for next day and use that for sign up. If you don’t know what a Virtual Card is, ask your credit card bank to provide you that facility. It comes in use at such times. In this case, the card is automatically canceled the next day so they can’t charge you again unless you want to continue the service beyond trial. It also protects you from instant charge where they might charge your card on sign up even though they promised they won’t. The Virtual Card limit protects in such a case.

I had this experience with a tool where they didn’t respond to the Cancellation request by email and then went to charge the card even though I had canceled. My Virtual Card protected me.