Note Taking

Note taking skill that helps most when learning new subjects

March 8, 2018

“When making notes on a new subject, you must avoid taking notes on what you already know” This Note Taking skill might sound simple but it needs practice. Whether you are attending a lecture or studying a text book, the tendency to note down everything means that you have not learned to give relative importance [...]

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Organizing sticky notes is limited by desktop space. Use alternate software for your notes.

January 20, 2018

If you are just using a Sticky Notes program or a Mind Map program to manage your notes, think twice. There is no way to classify or categorize notes in them. Sticky Notes programs require you to visually organize notes. But the visual desktop space is limited. It’s same as if you have a bunch [...]

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Adword Tools today are missing an important feature

December 2, 2017

If you are using Adwords with or without third-party Adword Tools, you should have realized by now that there are too many things going at one time. You have started a new campaign and are anxious to see some impressions, you want to compare the performance of 2 ads that you recently made, you have [...]

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WhizFolders Notes Outliner

Thumbnail image for WhizFolders Notes Outliner May 12, 2016

Organize and Outline all kinds of notes, ideas, links and lists in WhizFolder notebook files.

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A Free Viewer for Note files made with WhizFolders

February 11, 2013

WhizFolder Viewer is a viewer or reader that allows you to view WhizFolder notes without installing WhizFolders Notes Organizer from A sample note file is included.

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