List and browse Windows 7 Sticky Notes with Sticky7List

February 26, 2014 (274)

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Version: 1.1 (Released on January 6, 2012)

Attention: Some web sites that point towards this utility give wrong information on the features of this little program. Please read this note to know “What this program can not do”

Stickly7List only saves and shows Windows 7 sticky notes in a browsable list. IT DOES NOT MANAGE the sticky notes. You still need to use Windows Sticky Notes application to manage your notes. Third party applications like Sticky7List are not allowed to modify Windows own files. Some blogs wrongly mention that this application also manages sticky notes, hence this note.


The Sticky Notes application that comes with Windows 7 is pretty sleek. But it leaves out some important features. When you have a number of sticky notes, it is difficult to find the note that you want. You can, of course, use Windows Search to look for text in them. But there is no simple way to list and browse through the Sticky Notes.

Hence, I made this utility Sticky7List that saves a copy of all the Sticky Notes in a convenient list.

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How it works:

  1. You need to temporarily stop Sticky Notes application so that this software can access the notes file.
  2. Just click on a button “Get List of Sticky Notes” and a list is made up immediately.
  3. After getting the list, you can restart the Windows Sticky Notes application by using the Start menu.

Browse through your notes in a convenient list:

Once you get the list of notes, you can go through the notes one by one or use the Search tab to look for text within notes. See the picture on the right.

If you want to print or export all of the saved notes, in addition to this software, you need another Note Organizer software called “WhizFolders” from us:

Sticky7List software actually creates is a special file “Sticky Notes.wzfolder” in your Documents folder. This file is a WhizFolder document that has the features needed for listing notes in this way. If you get WhizFolders software from, you can do more things with the list of notes that is saved in the above file. You can print them together, join them to export or to copy to clipboard and so on.

What this software, Sticky7List, can not do:

In principle, a third party software utility should not modify any of the internal Windows files. Hence, by design, this software can not modify a sticky note or create new notes. You still need to use Windows 7 Sticky Notes application for that.


  • In Sticky7List, at the top of the list of sticky notes, you can see the date and time when the list was saved.
  • You can continue to see the saved list of notes whenever you use the software again. But if you have modified some Sticky Notes or added new ones, you won’t be able to see the modifications in that old list. You need to refresh it by following the same steps as given above in “How it works.”
  • Whenever you get a fresh list of notes, you get an option to save the old list of notes by another file name. This way, you can keep a series of WhizFolder documents, each keeping your Sticky Notes copies on different dates. In other words, If you often change your Sticky Notes, this utility can be a good way to save a copy of your notes that you can view easily.
  • As already explained above, if you want to do any other operations on your saved list of notes, for example, to print them, to merge or copy them to clipboard, or to export them in a single text file, you need to get WhizFolders software from

Can you organize notes with the sticky notes program in Windows?

Please read the article that answers that:
Can you organize notes with the sticky notes program in Windows? Not really. You need a different kind of program for that.