Get Sticky7List, a free add on program. It lets you view Windows Sticky Notes in a convenient two-pane list.

September 19, 2014 (274)

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Sticky7List can not “edit” your Windows Sticky Notes but it gives you a nice, two-pane view of the notes. Moreover, you can save an archive of the notes, zoom to see a note better, perform search on the list or start a search on live sticky notes, all from within the same program.

IMPORTANT: This Free Little Program DOES NOT ALLOW YOU TO EDIT OR CHANGE Windows sticky notes. That is not allowed in Windows. You still need to use Windows Sticky Notes application to edit and change your sticky notes.

What’s New in version 2.0 (Released on September 16, 2014)

  • You don’t have to stop Windows Sticky Notes program as in the earlier version. Moreover, a quick refresh button lets you refresh the notes list if you make changes to any note within Windows Sticky Notes utility.
  • Save an Archive file with an automatic name based on current date as a snapshot of your Sticky Notes on any date.
  • A new, convenient “Search in Live Notes” button allows you to start Windows search directly on your live notes.
  • A better description of our program WhizFolders Organizer is included. WhizFolders can help you further organize your saved Archive of notes in order to reorder, outline, export or print them.

Use Sticky7List as an Add On utility for Windows Sticky Notes

The Sticky Notes application that comes with Windows is pretty sleek. But there is no way to list all the notes so that you can browse through them one by one or can search through them for text. Stick7List also gives you a convenient button to start Windows Search on the live sticky notes.

Please take a moment to read: If you find this program useful, go back and vote for it or add comments on it on the web site that sent you here. This way, more people will know about it. Further development depends on how many people use it.

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How it works:

  1. Just start this program and you will see a list of Sticky Notes. Select any note and you will see the text content on the right. You can even click on hyperlinks if they are present in the content.
  2. A Refresh button is available to view the latest changes you make to the Sticky Notes in Windows.
  3. Click on File–Save to save an archive file containing the notes. The file name that is made up includes today’s date so that you can recognize the notes saved on a particular day. You can change the file name. You can reopen such an archive file by using the File menu.
  4. To search through the notes, use the Search tab. The Help button gives the syntax for the powerful search command. Search does not support Unicode. So if you have Unicode content, better use the next feature of Windows Search.
  5. Another tab “Search Live Notes” allows you to start Windows Search on the live Sticky Notes.

If you want to print or export the notes saved from the above program in its archive files, you can get our program WhizFolders from

Sticky7List software saves archive files in the format of our Organizer program WhizFolders. If you get WhizFolders software from, you can do more things with the notes in the saved archive files. You can print them together, join them to export or to copy to clipboard and so on.

What this software, Sticky7List, can not do:

In principle, a third party software utility should not modify any of the internal Windows files. Hence, by design, this software can not modify a sticky note or create new notes. You still need to use Windows Sticky Notes application for that.