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Get “Sticky7List” to see your Windows Sticky Notes in a convenient, zoomable two-pane list

Get “Sticky7List” to see your Windows Sticky Notes in a convenient, zoomable two-pane list

September 19, 2014 (274)

in Software

This program does not work on Windows 10 Anniversary Edition and later because the format and location of Windows Sticky Notes file has changed!

Keep this FREE program running as a nice add on for the standard Windows Sticky Notes utility (only on Windows 7 or later). As soon as you run Sticky7List, it shows you all your Windows Sticky Notes in a nice, zoomable, two-pane list as shown in the picture on the right.

Before you download, please remember, you can’t edit Sticky Notes with this program–see limitations below! It has a different purpose as described above and in the Features section below.

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Before you download, this program does not work on Windows 10 Anniversary Edition and later because the format and location of Windows Sticky Notes file has changed!
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  • IT CAN NOT MODIFY STICKY NOTES! In principle, a third party software utility should not modify any of the internal Windows files. Hence, by design, this software can not modify a sticky note or create new notes. You still need to use Windows Sticky Notes application for that.
  • Does not support “inked” sticky notes. If such notes are found, it gives a warning that it can not view or save them.


  • Browse through all the sticky notes in a two-pane list where the note titles appear in the left pane and the content of the selected note appears in the right pane.
  • Use the Refresh button anytime to refresh the list of notes with the latest changes.
  • Use the “Zoom In” button to see the notes in a larger font.
  • Use the Search tab to find notes. Advanced boolean AND, OR, NEAR operators are allowed in search.
  • Use another tab to start Windows Search directly on your Live Sticky Notes on the desktop.
  • Save an archive, history file with date time stamp as a snapshot of your Sticky Notes. Such archive files can be viewed later by the File Menu.
  • Does not support editing: Editing Windows Sticky Notes is not allowed for a third party program.
  • It also does not support reading “inked” sticky notes.

Want to encourage development of this free program? You can Donate in a different way.

We don’t ask for any donation for this free software. But you can certainly help by taking a look at our sponsor software products on the right. Any sales originating from this web site might inspire us to develop this program further or add more free programs from your ideas and feedback. For example, Sticky7List was originally developed as an Add On for our Notes Organizer WhizFolders and then made a public freeware.

What’s New in version 2.0 (Released on September 16, 2014)

  • You don’t have to stop Windows Sticky Notes program as in the earlier version. Moreover, a quick refresh button lets you refresh the notes list if you make changes to any note within Windows Sticky Notes utility.
  • Save an Archive file with an automatic name based on current date as a snapshot of your Sticky Notes on any date.
  • A new, convenient “Search in Live Notes” button allows you to start Windows search directly on your live notes.
  • A better description of our program WhizFolders Organizer is included. WhizFolders can help you further organize your saved Archive of notes in order to reorder, outline, export or print them.
  • Detects inked sticky notes and gives a warning that it doesn’t support them for viewing and saving.


  1. Just start this program and you will see a list of Sticky Notes. Select any note and you will see the text content on the right. You can even click on hyperlinks if they are present in the content.
  2. A Refresh button is available to view the latest changes you make to the Sticky Notes in Windows.
  3. Click on File–Save to save an archive file containing the notes. The file name that is made up includes today’s date so that you can recognize the notes saved on a particular day. You can change the file name. You can reopen such an archive file by using the File menu.
  4. To search through the notes, use the Search tab. The Help button gives the syntax for the powerful search command. Search does not support Unicode. So if you have Unicode content, better use the next feature of Windows Search.
  5. Another tab “Search Live Notes” allows you to start Windows Search on the live Sticky Notes.

If you want to print or export the notes saved from the above program in its archive files, you can get our program WhizFolders from

Sticky7List software saves archive files in the format of our Organizer program WhizFolders. If you get WhizFolders software from, you can do more things with the notes in the saved archive files. You can print them together, join them to export or to copy to clipboard and so on.