Organizing sticky notes is limited by desktop space. Use alternate software for your notes.

January 20, 2018 (548)

in Note Taking

If you are just using a Sticky Notes program or a Mind Map program to manage your notes, think twice. There is no way to classify or categorize notes in them.

Sticky Notes programs require you to visually organize notes. But the visual desktop space is limited.

It’s same as if you have a bunch of notes and you spread them out on your table top to organize them. Does that work? Not really. What you don’t do in real world also doesn’t work well in the computer. In the physical world, you use Folders to organize your notes. Likewise, in a computer, you should use programs that allow you to use a list, or better still, a hierarchical list to organize your notes.

Abstract thoughts and ideas can not be organized visually. Pictures can’t represent them but only words can. They are best managed in a “hierarchical list.”

Use a category of programs called “Outliners” to organize your notes, thoughts and ideas and you will see your productivity soar.

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Organize your notes easily in a hierarchical list