“Open file location,” a nice feature in Windows 7

September 29, 2010 (179)

in Articles and Tips on Windows and Windows software

In Windows 7, if you right-click on any file on the desktop, you will see a menu that allows you to open the parent folder of that file. Very convenient! The following picture shows that menu.

"Open file location" feature in Windows 7

Click on “Open file location.” It will open the Program Files folder where this program is located. I have found this feature to be a great addition to Windows. This not only works on the desktop shortcuts but also on the files and folders in Windows Explorer. If you select a folder in Windows Explorer and right-click, this menu item changes to “Open folder location” which again means the parent folder of the selected folder. This menu operation is available in explorer all the time. For example, if you searched for files in the Explorer and are looking at a search list, you can quickly get to the parent folder of a file or folder in the search list.

Update: This feature, Open File Location, has been there since Windows Vista. But in Windows 7, there is a little difference. In Explorer, if you click on this option, it opens the parent folder in the same window. If you want it to open in a new window, press Shift key before you click on the “Open file location.”

The “Open file location” feature is missing in Windows XP. But it’s possible to make a short program to make this feature available in Windows XP. I don’t use Windows XP any more. But if you do, and want this feature, please do write to me by using the menu About–Contact at the top. If enough users request it, I can make this freeware utility and add it to this web site. May be, such a utility can grow to add more features, even for Windows 7.